Mock The Zuma - Territorio [2018, digital EP + remixes]

Release date: 12 Sep 2018

Label: RedForColourBlind

Mexican producer Kevin Santana (Mock the Zuma) is a long-time activist in Ciudad Juárez electronic scene and one of the most important representatives of the aesthetic known as “Nueva Ola fronteriza” alongside with WYNO, Nesstrak, Crocat and other artists connected through Santana’s netlabel Lowers.

In 2014 he released a taster of his futuristic oneiric distorted grime on EP called Replicators through the French label Fullfridge Music, which was widely considered a promising and intriguing upstart.

He also has been part of the NAAFI crew for almost five years, contributing singles to their early mixes and performing at their events. The 7-song collection Gauss (Spanish for "force") was his first EP released in 2016 from the acclaimed Mexican label, with the featuring of rapper Jamez Manuel from the Chilean Zonora Point.

“The permanent chicano influence (versus) this Internet influence made a clash in my music, in the way that anything happening in the real-time of Juarez was completely irrelevant to me. But the Internet helped me delete the boundaries between different genres of electronic music, and even add some "extras" to it,” said Mock the Zuma about the conversions of influences which include contemporary British club music, Detroit sound, as well as electronic music from Cairo and other non-Western cultures.

In 2018 Mock the Zuma is back with brand new material recorded exclusively for Prague (CZ) based post-rave experimental label RedForColourBlind (Filter Dread, Dwellings, Lightning Glove).

The hallucinogenic, disturbing and yet chilled-out multi-layered 4-track EP Territorio comes with a batch of killer remixes not only from prominent producers of the contemporary Czech scene: namely Trauma with his industrial vibed club banger take on track No. 540 and two singular contributions from post-ambient newcomer Enchanted Lands (Genot Centre) and hybrid r’n’b soloist Bilej Kluk (BCAA system). Two Mexican producers joined the crew: Technic Trouble with further dubbed version of Territorio, and mdol with distorted IDM restructure of Otro Mundo.

High-definition 360° video for the title track was made by visual artist Reality Congress.