After their internationally acclaimed LP Radical Zoo the members of the band parted their ways to continue doing what they love and to get back together much stronger. Remember blasting beats of Dizzcock's ghetto grooves or Sister / Body's raving dub ritual? You can find traces of both in LG's new material, yet the Irrelevant Dreams stands as a unique statement of anonymous clubbing hell on it's own. Fresh and tense, with gritty sound and shaking bass, Lightning Glove's new album is their most aggressive and mature output to date.

Lightning Glove is a Czech project that emerged from the circles of the Prague noise/psychedelic collective Klangundkrach. In 2013 they released the Raving Peacock’s Tail tape on Tesla Tapes. It has later been re-released as a remastered edition on vinyl by their own label Red For Colour Blind in cooperation with Ono Tesla who also released their follow-up 12" Radical Zoo.

Releases March 22, 2018 as white label 12" & digital on Nona records. 
Mastered and cut by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at Dubplates & Mastering.
Artwork by Dzurillah.

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