A new killer material by Chris Haslam aka Dwellings​ ​from Manchester-based collective GNOD recorded exclusively for Prague based Red​ ​For​ ​Colourblind​ ​label. Dwellings has been working on this grimey​ ​gabba​ ​vibe​ throughout 2017. He also did it live this autumn at a Mill fundraiser in Leeds & all the street mutants got a good vibe from it. Finally Chris decided to do a live stereo recording and obviously it's the best stuff he's done since a 2013 already classic​ ​split​ ​with​ ​Druss​ (on Trensmat) and its cassette follower Don’t Say Nothing on​ ​Tesla​ ​Tapes​. "I've chosen to abandon the reverb pedal basically & use more filtered delay & feedback from effects in the aux channel," Chris says. The sound is noisey & broken, heavily compressed but with clarity. The​ ​content​ ​is​ ​strict​ ​&​ ​politically​ ​polarized​.

Limited Edition C45+digital
2017, RedForColourBlind

“Brexiteer” track: https://soundcloud.com/redforcolourblind/dwellings-brexiteer
Tape order: https://redforcolourblind.bandcamp.com/album/long-time-vacant