This is how contemporary club music sounds like! New York-based Celestial Trax represents the wave of producers and DJs of hybrid dance music that merge UK post-grime and US club music together. This cybernetic underground club music redefines what dance music is and also gives room to push forward political ideas. Some of the producers and DJs looks up to the future with hope that it is destined to construct new human being with advanced AI and hi-tech as a part of it's ordinary life, but it's also aware of the dangers that this future holds with inevitable upcoming catastrophic worldwive conflict. Celestial Trax takes a more inner-based look at things. His music confronts his own emotions, dark corners of his own soul as well as it's better sides. His first breakthrough came last year via London-based Rinse FM label-radio station, to which he's signed to, with EPs Stargate and Vaxxilate. Just a few weeks ago his new EP 'From the Womb' came out on a NY-based label Purple Tape Pedigree which takes even more intimate approach. Check out Celestial Trax's exclusive mix for A2larm that includes his own unreleased tracks, bangers from Gaika or Angel-Ho and many more. You can download the mix for free! There is also a short interview with Celestial Trax below! #play #burn or #lol


How do you think grime music influences American music industry nowadays?
I think the resurgance of dance music and club culture in the US few years ago opened a lot of doors to a number of instrumental grime producers from overseas. It took a while for American public not already familiar with grime to understand that it’s not just a rip off of already existing hip-hop culture but an artform in its own right with deep roots in UK’s counter culture.  Kanye’s Yeezus was obvisouly huge for the genre and now people like Drake are very invested in it.

What does electronic music, in your case club music, mean to you anyway?
Electronic music is my favorite form of expression and one that allows me to explore the depths of not only myself but also human behaviour in general. It’s my voice as an individual and definitely goes beyond making beats.

You hear all the time people are talking about how undanceable (rhythmically complicated) today’s club music is. What would you say to that? Is dancing even important in contemporary club music?
Yes, I think dancing will always be important when talking about club culture. However, I think a lot of artists are doing great things in terms of making clubs safe spaces, pushing new ideas and norms and challenging old, outdated conceptions of what clubbing is and that’s coming through in the sound the artists are creating. Contemporary club music feels like a movement for the better where artists are pushing political ideas as well as challenging social norms.  

You started working with rapper MC Roosevelt. How does that change your approach to your music?
Working with vocalists doesn’t really change my approach to making music but it definitely changes how people react to it. Working with Roosevelt has been so easy and i love his energy and him as a person. When I’m collaborating with a vocalist, I want to give them the platform and space to express themselves to the fullest.

What other producers you find most inspiring right now?
A lot of the artists on Purple Tape Pedigree are doing things right at the moment, such as Eaves, Copout and DJ NJ Drone. I also like what NON and NAAFI affiliated artists are doing, as well as Rabit’s Halcyon Veil label. V1984 has got a superb release coming out on Glacial Industries (ex Glacial Sounds) and MM and Kid Antoine of Her records are killing it in the more beat driven club music right now. I also listen to a lot of non-club music and just discovered King Woman and the solo project Miserable of their front woman which I’m obsessed with at the moment.

Your new EP called “From the Womb” is coming out. How will this EP be different from the rest of your EPs?
It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever done and sonically the most ambitious. I wanted to disregard the traditional form of club music and make something that I can truly call my own. It touches on on a lot of things I was dealing with at the time: chaos, anxieties, loneliness and physicality and the idea of the body merely as a vessle.  

Apart from releasing your new EP what else lies ahead of you in the near future? Do you have something else lined up already?
I have a release coming out where I’m collaborating with another NYC producer and a bunch of local rappers which I’m really excited about. That should come out in June. I’m also going on tour in North America in May and June and coming to Europe later this summer. I’m doing production work on few releases over the summer and will also start work on a full lenght.

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