On DIVINE HERBA, HERBARIUM (Eco Futurism Corp.) provides a glimpse into the future, a look into a small group of espresso drinkers who believe in a digital Utopia. Using the vocabulary of postgrime and Jim Ferraro's most techno-optimistic commodity-informed timbres, six bioluminescent tracks are crafted, inhabiting the sinister no man's land between profound sound design, informed evocations of club rhythms, and tranquil, hi-tech dreams of nature-body-technology synergy. Imagine a wifi-jacked club where dancers sip eco-friendly smoothies, shuffle around in crocs and share a collective dream of plant-infused hyperreal cityscapes.

This cassette issue is digitally accompanied by a series of reinterpretations of the original release. The tracks were re-imagined by artists related to Eco Futurism Corp. (including Gem Tree, souleets and tropical interface). Further contributions are made by Genot Centre related artists and friends such as BEER ON THE RUG-associate Percival Pembroke, Dzurillah and Vinyla Award holder Dizzcock.

Tiny Mix Tapes: "Little snippets of flora, sticky with the viscosity of global warming surrounding our nonhuman temporality."

The Drone: "Post-grime futuristico-écologistico-mécanique pour les amis de Cécile Duflot.

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