Next addition to A2LARM podcast series is a DJ and music producer Nina Hudej from Ljubljana. She's also part of the team that run a very sympathetic place called Pritličje, which is based in the centre of Ljubljana next to the city council. Pritličje puts together seemingly disconnected activities: social and political activism, electronic music, art exhibition and coffee-bar. Nina recently released a new album called Disclaimer Null. It is a mix of techno, house, jungle and experimental electronic music with thoughtful composition and a very delicate structure that collapses and rebuilds throughout the album. It shows how vibrant is the local electronic music scene with a touch for experiments with the sound. Mix itself is a collection of Nina's favourite tracks and her own stuff. You can download it for free. Also check out a short interview with Nina below.

Strategy – Cassette Loop
ADMX-71 - Virtuality Continuum
Casual Violence – And Know Me
Kassem Mosse – Untitled B2
Basic Soul Unit – Landlocked
Kangding Ray – Burning Bridges
Alex Coulton – Bounce (Pev Version)
Phuture – Phuture Jacks
Israel Vines – WWKD
Nina Hudej – Hence The Protocol
Nina Hudej – Disclaimer Null
Headless Horseman – Haunted
UVB – Salvation
Nina Hudej – Terminal Kidney


You run Pritličje for one year now. How does the public react to your existence?
Pritličje is a mixture of a cafeteria, nightclub, gallery, comic book shop and a concert venue. It’s an urban cultural centre that is also politically aware and active in setting up lectures and round tables on a wide range of issues - from global politics and economic policies to questions concerning the various arts scenes. Music-wise Pritličje focuses on electronic music and presents its various forms on weekly DJ evenings and with regular live acts. Set in the city centre next to the city hall, Pritličje is possibly the only private establishment of its kind in Ljubljana and the public response to our existence is very positive.

What other alternative clubs or places could we find in Ljubljana?
First of all there is an autonomous cultural zone Metelkova, where many artistic as well as club spaces exist, and Mota, a museum of transistory art with a progressive vision, organizing many experimental and live events. Let’s not forget about Rog, a former bike factory, now operating as a squat with lots of different cultural program.

Your country is recently dealing with refugee’s crisis. How do slovenians react to this topic?
It’s important to highlight that most of the refugees coming to Slovenian borders are just passing to other European countries. Therefore Slovenia doesn‘t face problems with nonexistent integration policies yet. The real concern right now are the actions of our government, which understands this situation only as a security risk, not as a humanitarian problem, and follows Hungary’s militant symbolical gestures with setting up razor fences all over Slovenian border and intimidates its citizens with unreasonable fears.

Do you reflect this problem somehow in Pritličje?
We are organizing round tables and lectures on this topic regulary in Pritličje. We also orgnaized a festival of electronic music, critical thinking and activism as a part of our one year anniversary that addressed current social issues by combining the seemingly incompatible: deinstitutionalized theoretical debates, every day social activism and progressive electronic club culture. This year’s theme was "Autonomy of migration".

I’ve recently read an interview with DJ Electric Indigo about sexism in the electronic music scene. What’s your thoughts on this topic?
Considering that there’s still a strong male domination in electronic music scene I think all the subjects involved - from promoters, agents, producers, djs, to the educational institutions with audio production studies and technical studies - should take their responsibility and introspect their actions that might have contributed to a shamefully low percentage of women producers and djs.

Did you personally experienced sexism in dance music scene?
Yes, I am no exception. I‘ve experienced sexism quite often. That of the subtle nature as well as the straightforward one.

My main music-related discovery during our stay in Ljubljana was Octex. His dub/techno set was absolutely spot on! What other DJs/producers/artists would you recommend to our readers if you’d have to pick some names from local scene?
Well, there’s quite a variety of amazing artists producing different kinds of electronica. It‘s really hard to highlight only a few, but you should definitely check out Lifecutter, Juneshelen, Leemajik, Nova deViator, Bowrain, Blaž, Evident, Random Logic, Christian Kroupa, Timequake, Žiga Murko ... as well there are some very cool electronic bands from Slovenia. For sure its a very lively and creative scene.

Your new album Disclaimer Null just came out recently. What can you tell us about it? What sort of reaction do you get so far? I found it as a very good experimental/techno record with lots of well-thought composition and it got very moody doesn’t it? First of all I thought this is going to be a dark record, but then it went to some uplifting tunes. Parsec is probably my favourite track on this album…I think your description of the album is spot on. Parts of the album should have already been released as an EP in 2014, but because of my preoccupation with Pritličje, I didn‘t catch the time to finish it. So, once Luka Prinčič, the „Kamizdat“ label manager, encouraged me to release for Kamizdat, I started to work intensly on the music again, and so the EP streched into a mini-album. The reviews so far are very encouraging and positive.

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