New remastered edition of Lightning Glove's second tape. 12" vinyl by Ono Tesla / Red for Colour Blind.

Order on Bandcamp:…/raving-peacocks-tail-2.
All music by Lightning Glove
Remastered by Stephen Bishop (Opal Tapes)
Cover artwork: wixfn & sarrsim
Special thanks to Sonny Ritscher
Red for Colour Blind / Ono Tesla 2015

„Their music emanates from the existential and guttural, the harrowing vocals and electronics weave a yearning soundtrack to abandoned rave fields. ... Dub-inflected and airy, Raving Peacocks Tail pursues helium-induced states, echoing from a veil of ersatz nostalgia.“ (Easternhaze, Electronic Beats)

"Four cuts sit menacingly and glower from within. This is chilling stuff and by chilling I mean edgy, disquieting, neglected and abandoned, not I should add for the feint of heart or those expecting an easy ride. This is brutal though not so much in an agit core or spiteful way, more psychosis driven, the tension and intolerance literally drips off it, here there’s a sense of the patiently calculating, the watching, the waiting, the assessing upon which a brief moment will appear to allow for a break of cover." (the sunday experience - strange sounds for freakypeople)

"...broken motorix, big bass, no bull vocals & heavy vibes. Hailing from what seems a vibrant scene in Czech Rep ,LG's debut cassette "Fantasmagorie Interiéru" is an all killer no filler assault and in parts scary as hell. Raving Peacocks Tail takes it further, beats and basslines that pull so hard on each other they tear the listener in two, no fat or waste to be found. Vocals that penetrate and with each listen become more poignant but never interfere with the music. This is not music for entertainment ,this music is a call to arms..." (tesla tapes)