Freddy Ruppert is an American musician from Los Angeles, now based in Prague, who is well known from his previous edgy soloproject This Song Is a Mess But So Am I or a collaborative project Former Ghosts featuring Jamie Stuart (Xiu Xiu) and Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus). These names of the independent music scene also defined for a long time soundscape of Freddy Ruppert’s own production: oversensitive pop with electronics teasing it’s open wounds. Meanwhile Freddy Ruppert himself retreated from this singer-songwriter concept into self-contained form which hovers around musique concrete, drone and angularity that resembles Mika Vainio‘s approach to electronic music. This kind of sound is well represented on two records Hangs a Shadow and Wait both released by NNA Tapes in 2012.

His brand new tape Krait pretty much combines these two attitudes. Noise of layered material is searching for some kind of order and finds it in industrial roots with explicit digital distance. This kind of a sound also resonates with Freddy Ruppert’s current setup during live shows: the chair, midi controller and laptop; waiting, layering, and choking... This record doesn’t give you a straightforward narrative, except that all tracks represent one body. "It was less about hiding something than more about approaching each track as a small piece of a whole. I always like tapes that work best when taken in as a whole from start to finish."

Album Krait was released on 6th December as a limited edition of 60 copies and a digital download.

You can order it via label’s bandcamp


Interview for A2LARM (september 2014) in english:

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