Baba Vanga is one of the most interesting labels in central Europe which orientates on releasing its material solely on a cassette format. It is Prague-based label even though their representatives are wandering around eastern and central Europe all the time. One of the main characteristic of this label is that their focus is set on hypnagogic experimental electronic music. In a simple translation that means it's not an easy music to listen to, but you can be sure that it just won't let you stop it. The latest split release fits into this approach. Tlaotlon / Střed Světa tape comes after a rather calm and inner-focussed cassette made by Mexican musician Laura Luna. On contrary this one is very expansive, unsteady and at times frantic. This duo met for the first time on a Christmass party organised by Red For Colourblind last year. Even at that time one could tell that these two have a lot in common. Tlaotlon is Jeremy Coubrough’s solo electronic project. He is originally from Wellington, now living in Melbourne. Tlaotlon music is a vivid digital psychedelia, where maximalist webs of interrythmic post-Detroit Techno merge with a more plastic sensibility that combines an interest in both cosmic and domestic futurisms. That definition is relevant even for his contribution on this latest cassette. Sensory Substitution, Difference Maps or Cortical Method are highlights of the tape. Střed Světa is a self-professed misanthrope based somewhere in Prague suburbia. His approach is very similar to the graphics that he is doing in the meantime (tape cover is his work). The collage of bits and pieces which fell into his subconsciousness and are ocassionally coming to the surface but at the same time hiding in the stream of his own mind. Nothing is more unstable and yet so compact as a sound that Střed Světa is putting together. This is really something like a neurotrip through your subconsciousness where you find your true inner self - chaotic, unstable and vivid. This split release definitely deserves your attention!

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