Prague based band gathered around singer-songwriter Rouilleux is back. After last year's Nine Horses cover released as free download and after several shows in extended line-up (supporting for Little Annie & Larsen among others) they decided to continue as a trio. The frontman on guitar and voice, and Glass on bass and synths were recently joined by respected experimental musician Petr Vrba (percussions, horns etc.). Together they recorded new album called Scatter Your Soul which is about to be released at the end of June. Three unveiled tracks from the forthcoming tape, mixed and mastered by Tomáš Procházka from B4, show absolute devotion and sensibility to the world of Rouilleux's poetics: sound production is pure and rough at the same time, bringing also new level in use of additional instruments. Scattered yet still deep! Soon on Letmo/KLaNGundKRaCH label collaboration...

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