Orphan Fairytale (Blackest Rainbow, Ultra Eczema, Not Not Fun) is floating like Alice in Wonderland on a origami flyer into the realm of the unconscious. The degree of dissociated dreaminess is arranged through her playful, melancholy sound structures and the diffuse mystical aesthetics of her synthetic soundscapes. How atmospheres of clownesque scenarios are able to morph into tableaux of horror and some afternoon cartoons are unsettling in their weirdness, the sound miniatures of Orphan Fairytale are creating schizoid flickering chambers. This is definitely surreal with no concrete way of perception pretended. Orphan's melodies are picked from the collective memory and the potpourri of our childhood. Her sounds are deriving below the surface and proliferating in an rhizomatic-associative fog. (Iko Kiko)

LIVE: Friday 7, 2013, Prague, Gallery SPZ, Pštrossova 8, STARTS AT 18:00
+ Core of the Coalman (US/CZ) !

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