New tape by Lightning Glove out now on Gnod's Tesla Tapes label. Hailing from what seems a vibrant scene in Czech Rep ,LG's debut cassette "Fantasmagorie Interiéru" is an all killer no filler assault and in parts scary as hell. Raving Peacocks Tail takes it further, beats and basslines that pull so hard on each other they tear the listener in two, no fat or waste to be found. Vocals that penetrate and with each listen become more poignant but never interfere with the music. This is not music for entertainment ,this music is a call to arms."

Release party will take place in Isslington Mill, Manchester, UK, on 5th July. Gesamtkunstwerk4 lands with a sick double header from the twisted spools of the awesome Opal Tapes and Tesla Tapes - 4 live acts Basic House, Rejections, Druss & Dwellings & Negra Branca, Lightning Glove, and Gesamtkunstwerk DJs.

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