Let's post something in English about Prague settled Core of the Coalman. The tape (C59) he relased at the end of last year on Total Vermin is called Stain, and when you hold the special cover individually marbeled by Susan Fitzpatrick, you understand well, although there was no concept discussed in advance. The music itself is rough, straight, extremely pulsating (no extra bass level needed), and without no doubt minimalist in the sense of feeling that tradition. The tradition is saturated while Jorge's studio work's breathing fresh air from above the trees as well from under the earth. "Jorge Boehringer,  American in Europe, has carved this monolith of a cassette, this conundrum, from materials unknown.  A loop, possibly wrought from his viola, morphs imperceptibly.  A mere nodding of one's head induces psycho-acoustic paranoia, the resultant catatonic sway exacerbates the feeling... play loud enough for an end to balance and hand-eye coordination.  The black spots increase in size and we capsize, " says Total Vermin note. And Rob Midwich (from Radio Free Midwich) reviews: "Jorge keeps it simple: a full hour (in two halves) of slowly evolving variations on a fuzzed-up viola loop.  What at first seems like a Tony Conrad-ish endurance test took a few minutes to pop my bubble of mental resistance (soap-film thin at the best of times) then mind freed, my arse did follow.  I was soon dancing naked on the driveway of Midwich Mansions. This tape is hard, lovely." There is also a new cd-r of Core of the Coalman's string quartets coming out on Chocolate Monk these days. Listen en extract from "The Suspicious String Quartet Plays Tape Guts At The Core Of The Coalman" below and don't miss at least one of two...


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