No Pavarotti 15. 5. @ Prague MicroFestival

No Pavarotti live! For your plesasure and world peace. On May 15th at K4 (Celetná 12, Praha 1), start at 10pm. Free entry.

Impressions from their last live show (on Placard Headphone Festival): "No Pavarotti has really embraced their new instruments are once again re-invented their sound with a completely new vocabulary. I also feel that this was one of my favorite sets of theirs. Really serious vibrations from Lubos’ Crumar organ. That thing is heavy to lift, and sounds just as heavy, but these sounds lift. The organ vibrations were punctuated, torn, danced around, and spasmatically celebrated by Jan’s vocals and swirling whirlpools of liquefying electronic colour." (Jorge Boehringer,

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