Dimache 22 Avril Au Student 80, rue des Palais 1030 Schaerbeek BRUXELLES Concert à 20h , 5 euros

Parktdolg (BE) Bram Borloo (° 1976) lives and works in Brussels. The multifaceted oeuvre of the artist covers photography, painting, (sound) installations, collages and (animated) movie. Since 1998 he regularly takes part in exhibitions and collaborations, in Belgium and a broad.

RUiNU (CZ) is a three-member group around Prague-based KLaNGundKRaCH label, treading a thin line between free improvisation and noise performance. Jan Klamm (No Pavarotti, Rouilleux, Fuck It Duet) plays electronics, loops & manipulations, Ondrej Parus (Head in Body, Lightning Glove) uses distorted voice and synths, and Patrik Pelikan (Psychedelicky flakac na odstrel, Fuck It Duet) is a manipulator wind instruments. They released several albums on their home label, split CD with Birds Build Nests Underground on Poli5 and webrelease Eelmusic on Jeff Surak’s Zeromoon label. ruinu-eelmusic-zero115/ v=pjqsHk2kLX4

Krapoola (ESP) is a project of David Gómez, Spanish artist and performer actualy based in Berlin. Under this moniker he explores the way that materials interact when the entropy, mutation and miracle happens. For his performances he uses selfbuilt devices, various materials, and his own body. With roots in experimental and noise music he developed his own original approach to live performances, which are influenced also by his djing/manipulation with all kinds of unusual/experimental records, and by the idea that „punk is dancable basicaly…“. v=d2yTcP-p66E

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