IN THE BED # 0035

Mik Quantius was the king of the night. Hard to find him somewhere again, cause he has the music inside, which makes him invisible. After the thursday show in Final club, where Avarus and Jarse created the best company, he just disappeared. And this was an attempt to catch the spirit at least for few radio seconds, and of course, to introduce a new king... Guess who's that.

PLAYLIST 20. 5. 2011

Way Of The Cross - Asahara Renunciate (Mind Of The Dolphin, 2008 Phoenix)
Way Of The Cross - Unconsummated Seduction (Mind Of The Dolphin, 2008 Phoenix)
Stellar Om Source - The Oracle (Rise In Planes, 2009 Black Dirt)
TG - La nuit crancey ( L'étreinte des villes; 2010 Zemun)
TG - Rebais (La nuit, 2006 galerie pache/potagers natures)
TG - Les boissons gratuites (les boissons gratuites / la nuit va recommencer; 2010 lexi disques)
Régis Turner - Left (RTGT, 2011 los emes del oso)
Diva - Spinning Vines (The Glittered End, 2010 selfreleased)
Diva - Glow Worn (The Glittered End, 2010 selfreleased)
Black Hippies - Tearz (Wicker House, 2011 Prairie Fire)
Stutter - The Editing Pool (Broken Snakes, 1990)
The Bubonic Plague - Bad Moods (Instant Coma, 2007 Human Ear Music)
The Bubonic Plague - Debbie (Instant Coma, 2007 Human Ear Music)
Brut Choir - Barest Bones (Barest Bones, 2011 selfreleased)
Hand in Hand - No Goal Can Be Too High (Prayers to An Echo God, 2011 Medusa)

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