IN THE BED # 0032

Head in Body (In the bed) & Sansabrie (Meaningless leaning mess) "pre-delayed edition". Více na hudebních stránkách časopisu A2 8/2011.

PLAYLIST 25. 3. 2011


Dizzcock: Standing on the wrong side of the dancefloor (Pictureplane's Dark Rift cover) / unreleased
Katsa.theo: Perna (remix by Sucha dlan hladi lan) (rePorto, Red edition) / Ressonus 2011
Katsa.theo: Perna (remix by Foma) (rePorto, Red edition) / Ressonus 2011
Doe Eyes: Like a Good Girl / unreleased
Doe Eyes: Spite (Removing The Antlers) / unreleased
Jeans Wilder: Blonde Beach (Nice Trash) /LA Station Radar, Atelier Ciseaux 2010
Jeans Wilder: International Waters (Nice Trash) /LA Station Radar, Atelier Ciseaux 2010
Astma: Solar Warrior (Dar-k) / Letmo 2011
Astma: Multi Death (Dar-k) / Letmo 2011
Gang Wizard: (You're Gonna Get In) Trouble (Jeckyll Loves Hyde) / Ecstatic Peace 2003
Weasel Walter, Sheik Anorak and Mario Rechtern: The Forbidden Beat pt. I (The Forbidden Beat)
The Hospitals: Animals Act Natural (Hairdryer Peace) / selfreleased 2008
Miss Violetta Beauregarde: We Had A Riot Doing Diacetylmorphine Feat. Agent Pazz (Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo) / Temporary Residence Ltd. 2007
Miss Violetta Beauregarde: I Can't Believe, Hedgehogs Have A Bone Inside Their Cock / Temporary Residence Ltd. 2007
Miss Violetta Beauregarde: The Dirt Between My Feet's Fingers (AKA The Reverse Delay Revenge) / Temporary Residence Ltd. 2007
Jeffry Astin: Untitled (Grasses Only Green) / Housecraft Records 2011
Cardboard Sax: Untitled (Non Tech In The Pleasure Dome) / American Tapes 2008
Body Morph: side A (Bone Alone) / Excite Bike 2009
Tonstartssbandht: Midnite Cobras (Midnite Cobras) / Psychic Handshake Recordings 2010
Heroin in Tahiti: Sartana (Death Surf) / selfreleased 2011

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