IN THE BED # 0029

To nejdrsnější, co máš doma

PLAYLIST 11. 2. 2011

Napalm Death: What man can do (Hatred Surge demo, 1983)
Napalmed: Trhage (S. Y. N. the Size R, 2009)
Napalm Death: Abbatoir (Hatred Surge demo, 1983)
Dust Cult: C20H24N2O2 (split w/Razxca, 2011)
Napalm Death: The Crucifiction of Possesion (Punk Is a Rotten Corpse demo, 1982)
Fat Worm of Error: A (No Fun Fest 2006 live)
Fat Worm of Error: B (No Fun Fest 2006 live)
Big Black: Ergot (Songs About Fucking, 1987)
Marcelo Aguirre & John Herge: Live At Adolf 666 (2009)
Goslings: Mew (Occasion, 2008)
Lydia Lunch & Clint Ruin: Stinkfist (1987)
Prurient (7" split w/ Wolf Eyes, 2010)
NPLMD/BP: live collaboration (2004)
Ascarid: A (Ascarid, 2010)/Falco & Opus/Punk vs harsh noise mix tape (?)
Fat Worm of Error: Special Bonus Thing (PBPWPB, 2006)
Syd Barret: Vegetable Man (Vegetable Man, Where Are You bootleg, 1987)
Clint Eastwood: Bouquet of Roses (Clink Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites, 1962)

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