IN THE BED # 0024

There's been alot of upsetting, very upsetting things that I can't allow to happen anymore. I have to be like a soldier and march away. 'Cause I'm very delicate in a lot of ways, and things get to me, and effect a very adverse manner. I don't need that; don't need that. I feel now like minus something, you know, I feel faded; I don't feel like I'm all here. I think it'll come back; I hope it'll come back. There's alot of color missing, from the way I feel, and my face, and, you know, just everything. There's some kind of zest,, you know, that seems to be faded temporarily, because I've been so drained, emotionally, by a number of things. That has to slowly build back up, and then it has to be kept sustatined; it cannot be allowed to be diminished.

PLAYLIST 19. 11. 2010

Swans: Minus something (Soundtracks for the Blind, 1996 / Young God)
Ne I: 03-291109 (Soft & Tender, 2010 / self-released)
Ne I: Engine Is Calling Comming Calming (Soft & Tender, 2010 / self-released)
Oleg Buloshkin – Sacrament (ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC VOL. IV. ARCHIVE TAPES. SYNTHESIZER ANS. 1964-1971, 1999 / Electroshock) Rene Hell: Club Outing (1854 Torture Highway, 2010 / Agents of Chaos)
Stanislav Kreitchi: Voices of the west (SYNTHESIZER ANS. 1964-1971, 1999 / Electroshock)
Rene Hell: Perfume Pt. II (Club Speed, 2010 / Ekhein)
Marble Sky: Dust Kicking (Low God / Lady, 2008 / Collow God)
Baby Birds Don´t Drink Milk: 3 (Baby Boo split, 2009 / Lovely Sea)
Boo and Boo and Too: I Am the Lorax (Baby Boo split, 2009 / Lovely Sea)
Prince Rama: Thunderdrum (Shadow Temple, 2010 / Paw Tracks)
Jeck - Yoshihide - Tetreault: Invisible Architecture #1 (2002 / Audiosphere)
Cor Fuhler: North-South (Stengam, 2007 / Potlatch)
Grey Field Recordings: Songs Unsung (Sing 99 And 90, 2003 / Ethedrone Muzac)
Flower Man: Ibem Untitled (Flower Man/Rene Hell split, 2010 / Agents of Chaos)
Rene Hell: Downstairs (Club Speed, 2010 / Ekhein)
Marble Sky: Standing Still (Sway, 2009 / Monorail Trespasing)
Gold: bez názvu („možnosti neplatnosti neboli nutnost...“) (1970)
Swans: Minus Something (Soundtracks for the Blind, 1996 / Young God)