PLAYLIST 24. 9. 2010


Black Dice: Sea bird (Beaches And Canyons, 2002 / Death From Above)

Raccoo-oo-oon: Worn Path (Free Beasts, 2006 / c78, Not Not Fun)

Horse Head: Animal Manhole (Free Beasts, 2006 / c78, Not Not Fun)

Nonhorse: Shadow World (2008 / CDr, Upstairs)

Nonhorse: Hey, Can You Help Me Hang? (The Rare Tape Zero, 2008 / c60, Dreamtime Taped Sounds)

Nonhorse: Side A (Jame Dems, 2009 / c60, Hypno tapes)

Wooden Wand and Vanishing Voice: Satya Sai Sweeeetback Plays 'Oxblood Boots' (Flood, 2005 / Troubleman unlimited)

Naked on the Vague: Wrong Room (Heaps of Nothing, 2010 / Siltbreeze)

Naked on the Vague: The Horse, He's Sick (The Blood Pressure Sessions, 2007 / dualpLOVER, 2008 / Siltbreeze)

RUiNU: I (live, unreleased)

L´ocelle mare: Untitled XI (L'ocelle Mare, 2009 / Minority Records)

Cheval de Frise: Phosphorescence De L'arbre Mort Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes

Du Crâne, 2003 / Ruminance)

L´ocelle mare: Untitled IX (L'ocelle Mare, 2009 / Minority Records)

L´ocelle mare: Untitled XIV (L'ocelle Mare, 2009 / Minority Records)

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