PLAYLIST 7. 5. 2010


Violet: Snakehead Lapping (Ray Gas And The Playback Singers, Zeromoon/Sentient Recognition Archive 2009) LIVE 14/5 Prague, Final

Violet: Kwangmjonghoehle (Let the Sunshine In, Zeromoon 2003)

Violet + Bertrand Denzler: When the Cinnamon Flowers Bloom in Autumn (The Long March, Zeromoon 2004)

The Makioki Sisters: Angry Asian Chick on Mobile Device (excerpt) (Angry Asian Chick on Mobile Device, Zeromoon 2010)

Rinus van Alebeek: She Wanted to Know Everything (Nine Variations, Zeromoon 2010) LIVE 14/5 Prague, Final

Rinus van Alebeek: Track 10 (Now You Know the Truth about Bamboo, Zeromoon 2004)

Table: Coming Soon (We Are No Longer the Same, 2010 / Arty Maniacs Discs)

Katsa.theo: Dormo (Porto, 2010 / Ressonus)

Sensus: Zavři mi oči (Humanomaly, 2007 /Ressonus)

Gurun Gurun: 3x3x3 (Live) (VA Ressonus Net Vol. 1, 2008 / Ressonus) LIVE 7/5 Prague, 007

Alesandro Fiorin Damiani: Radiospirazion I (VA Ressonus Net Vol. 1, 2008 / Ressonus)

Wolf Eyes: We All Hate You (Always Wrong, Hospital Productions 2009) LIVE 20/5 Prague, Archa + 22/5 Brno, Fléda

Wolf Eyes: Ratllesnake Shake (Burned Mind, Sub Pop 2004)

Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton: Rationed Rot (Black Vomit, Les Disques Victo 2006)

Wolf Eyes: Million Years (Human Animal, Sub Pop 2006)

Aaron Dilloway: Infinite Lucifer (Infinite Lucifer, Hanson 2007)

Nate Young: Untitled (Regression, 2009 / iDeal)

Hair Police: Paralysis Simulacrum (Certainty of Swarms, No Fun Productions 2008)

Dead Machines: Futures, Pt. 1 (excerpt) (Futures, Troubleman Unlimited 2005)

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