Music for pregnant and their babies...

PLAYLIST 23. 4. 2010

Donovan: Wear Your Love Like Heaven (A Gift from a flower to the Garden, 1968)
COH: I smile, I Know (Above Air, 2006)
Chris and Cosey: Dr. John (Exotica, 1987)
Raymond Lap: Baby's Lovely Reggae (Lovely Baby I)
Psychic TV: Black Cat (Trip Reset, 1996)
Sonic Youth performs Yoko Ono: Voice Piece for Soprano, 1961 (Goodbye 20th Century, 1999 / SYR 4)
Sonic Youth performs Steve Reich: Pendulum Music, 1968 (-//-)
Swans: Mother's Milk (Great Annihilator, 1995)
Throbbing Gristle: Hometime (D.o.A., 1987)
Johnny Thunders: I'd Rather Be With the Boys (Hurt Me, 1983)
Nurse With Wound: Subterranean Zappa Blues (Livin' Fear Of James Last, 2005) LIVE 30/4 Prague Archa
Nurse With Wound: Sea Armchair (Spiral Insana, 1986)
Absinthe Minds: Hope on Rope (s/t, 2008)
Alex Fergusson: Akiram's House (Perverse Ballads, 1996)
Alex Fergusson: Psychedelic Buddha (Perverse Ballads, 1996)
Death Domain: Fun
Martin Rev: Places I Go (To Live, 2003)
Psychic TV: Decoder IV (Sugarmorphoses, 1993)
Deutch Nepal: We are all Prostitutes (A Silent Siege, 2002)

The Boyd Rice Experience: What if They Gave a Love In (Hatesville!, 1995)

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